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Back in 2019, I got the opportunity to live in Australia for 6 months + when I tell you I fell in love with travelling, I mean it. I met friends from all over the world and now I've added a lot of countries to my bucket list so that i can visit them.  I traveled all over Australia and even got to visit a little bit of New Zealand! I love these places and all the places my friends live around the world because I hold such an emotional connection to them. I will 1000% travel anywhere in the world for your love because I understand that emotional connection that sparks with a place and would love to document your time there.

australia ◠  italy ◠ scotland

new zealand ◠ UK ◠ Greece

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photographing banff elopements + beyond

If you come alive like I do dreaming of running through the mountains and beaches of Italy, or riding through the sandy beaches and blue villages of Morocco, or being literally anywhere in the world, I'm packing my bags to come on this wild adventure of yours.

I'm here to walk you through the elopement process, no matter where your story is drawing you. I'll help you plan, prepare, and scout any and everywhere all over the world.
This adventure can be bold, adventurous, relaxing, and so, so intimate. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will be 100% customized to your once-in-a-lifetime elopement!

Don't hesitate to reach out about an elopement, wedding or any kind of session anywhere around the world because the world is truly at our fingertips - and I'm ready to capture your love in the wildest places.

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Vancouver, CA

february 2022

yoho national park

march 2022

edmonton, ca

may 2022

Tofino, CA

july 2022

oregon, USA

september 2022

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