it's so nice to meet ya..

*eeeeeekkkk* hi friend, I'm so exctied you're here!! I'm ash, an alberta eloepment & wedding photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. If you're wondering what led this twenty something single girl into shooting elopements & weddings + all kinds of wild love stories, simply put, I just love love. I must preface this with I'm not a cheesy love kind of person (except hallmark movies - they're so bad they're good i swear), which is weird for someone who documents love for a living i know, BUT i believe love is deeper than the cheese we see on the surface, and that's what I live for capturing. I love being a photographer for all you in love couples - i'm literally beaming just thinking about it.

I'm all for the unconventional days that go against the "typical wedding" and are so intentional in their planning. I'm here to document your day in a way that you can reminisce on, get all sentimental, and never have to forget the most important parts. I'm not a photographer for the photos, I'm a photographer for you + your memories. I don't want to say it because it's cheesy butttttt, if you're looking for a photographer that is going to prioritize you, then look no further.

I'm ASh

xo, ash

meet me, your alberta elopement photographer

When I'm not behind the camera, here's a sneak peek into my life:

+ lots of time with my doggie niece, Eleanor
+ Hiking
+ coffee stops
+ traveling when I can
+ working as a kinesiologist/personal trainer
+cycling the summer away

love letters

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Ash made us feel comfortable, and we were basically laughing for the next two hours. My jaw dropped as I looked at the gallery a couple days later. She was able to capture exactly how Gabe and I feel for each other. 


Ashley is so kind and respectful. She went above and beyond to make us feel special. She was able to take our ideas to the next level and turn our photo dreams into a reality. She made us feel safe and comfortable in front of the camera from the very start.

Emma + Chase

One word... OBSESSED. She truly captured my boyfriend and I the way that we naturally are and brought out our personalities through the photos. You can truly tell that Ashley LOVES what she does and how invested she is in cultivating the best experience for her clients.


We were able to be fully ourselves and not worry if we weren’t posing correctly or looking weird in front of the camera.


Ready for your next chapter to be documented?