my camera's charged, my bags are packed, but the real question is...

are you ready to
Do this?

If it's sweet moments, deep belly laughs & big feelings you're after, then let's chat. There's literally nothing I love more than documenting your story & making you feel like a freaking rockstar in front of the camera & when you trust me, let me just tell you it's freaking magicccc. 

If you're ready to make it official (or if you need to vet me & ask some questions first - trust me, I won't be offended & I'm more than happy to answer) then fill out the form below & I'll be hitting you up within 48 hours at the very latest, more typically within a couple of hours, and we can get chatting over coffee. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about hearing from you so don't make me wait any longer!

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